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Core Scuba Diving Equipment


Core scuba diving equipment is essential for any scuba diving. This core equipment is made up of a buoyancy compensator or BC, a scuba regulator, scuba gauges, dive computor, a scuba air tank and a weight system.

A bouyancy compensator or BC is a jacket that you can inflate to keep afloat at the surface, adjust your buoyancy while diving and holds your scuba tank and regulator as well as other dive accessories. A BC should fit like a comfortable jacket. Snug but not too tight.

A scuba tank contains pressurized air for breathing underwater. The tank will have a valve that delivers air to the scuba regulator. The tank is attached to the BC where is sits comfortably on the divers back.

A scuba regulator is one of the most important pieces of dive gear. The regulator supplies air from the tank to the diver at a pressure that allows a diver to breath properly underwater. Attached to the regulator is a primary second stage, an additional second stage, often called an octopus and a set of scuba gauges that are used to give a diver important information while diving. These gauges will tell a diver how deep they are and the remaining air pressure in their tank. Some gauges will tell you how much dive time is left based on the remaining air pressure in you tank.

Scuba dive watches are important pieces of scuba gear because they are used by divers to manage their bottom time while diving.

A scuba weight system works in harmony with the BC to help a diver maintain proper buoyancy while diving. Weights can be worn on a belt around a diver’s waist or integrated in the BC. Weights worn around the waist can sometimes be uncomfortable so some divers prefer an integrated weight system. The important thing about scuba weights is that a diver must be able to release them quickly in case of an emergency.

An underwater flashlight  is another important part of your scuba dive gear and safety equipment. A scuba light will help you see underwater and will let other divers see you.

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Well with another long weekend coming up, I am running many scuba diving courses over the weekend. Friday there will be Discover Scuba a 1 day introduction to scuba diving in cape town. Also lots of guided scuba tours during the day. All dives are subject to weather changes, but hopefully we will get to the cow sharks and Kelp Forests. There will be Padi open water courses starting as well and the pool sessions will be on the sunday.

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Weekly Padi Advanced diving courses will be held, if you feel like going deeper to 30 meters let us know. Once you have completed your Open Water course, this course really gives you much more diving experience and an insight into some of the speciality courses. On completion it allows you to dive to a depth of 30 meters. This course takes 2/3 days and comprisises of 5 sea dives. Including a deep dive and navigation dive, as well as choosing 3 dives such as wreck dive, night dive, Naturalist and Search and Recovery. Two dives will be done off the boat. All PADI books with crew pack and scuba hire included, registration with PADI.

All your PADI Advanced dives count towards its particular PADI Specialtiy course.

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Over the next few weeks I am running weekly Padi open water courses. This is the first Certified PADI Scuba Dive course and is recognized worlwide. It takes 4 days. All PADI books with crew pack and suba hire included, registration with PADI. Theory/Dvd’s, knowledge reviews. 5 Pool sessions and 4 sea dives, two of which we can do off a boat. On completion of this course, you can Scuba Dive Independantly anywhere in the world to a max depth of 18 meters.

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Scuba diving in Cape Town is such awesome fun and there is so much to see. We are getting into a more predictable time of the year weather wise for scuba diving, so hopefully not to much of that horrid wind, that so often trashes the bay. The last few dives I have done were amazing lots of gully sharks and seals more than usual. I guess it also could be the large amount of Yellow READ MORE



So many scuba diving courses over the next week. Friday I am taking out Discover Scuba’s, a one day introduction to scuba diving in cape town. Over the weekend lots of open waters starting. Guided scuba dives all over the weekend, cow sharks and Kelp Forests. I am hoping to get a Rescue course started next week. So happy diving for now !