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Scuba diving along the False Bay coastline offers some superb, varied and beautiful dive sites. The majority are shore entry and some are by boat.

You will see stunning reefs with rocky terrain and amazing Kelp forests. You will never see a bare rock or reef, as every nook and cranny on the reefs are carpeted by sea anemonies of every colour imaginable and a large variety of sponges, soft corals and marine life.

Scuba diving in Cape Town is stunning.  For all details of our dives sites in Cape Town go to


scuba diving cape town


Scuba diving in Cape Town is at its best now. The seas are calm and the SE winds that hit us in the summer months has gone. I am scuba diving daily, lots of guided dives, either boat or shore. The betters dives sites are situated up and down the coastline of False Bay. If you feel like you would like to experience scuba diving, I run Discover Scuba programs most days, its a “taster” of scuba diving, some theory and safety skills and a sea dive. So if you would like to experience the thrill of scuba diving in Cape Town, contact me today

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Being ‘eyeballed’ by a three metre shark gliding silently past your face is not the kind of experience you forget in a hurry. It is an unbelievable experienced and not to be missed!

 This isn’t a staged event with divers in a cage, this is a genuine scuba dive done in relatively shallow water (12m maximum making it a dive open to even novice divers) in a location bordered by kelp forest, with a sea bed of both rocky gullies and smooth sand patches. The sharks prevalent in this area are Seven Gill Cowsharks; up to 3M of slow swimming predator named for their seven gill slits and identifiable by the absence of the front dorsal fin (the classic ‘shark’ fin).

Cow SharksCow Sharks